Kansas City Power and Light

Okcpllogoperating from headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, KCP&L has evolved into a full-service energy provider and resource. The company was founded in 1882 and has become one of the Midwest's most affordable energy suppliers because of our leadership in fuel procurement, plant technology and efficient power production and distribution. 

Business Challenge 

This organization's President was looking for a culture change. This cultural change would be obtained by training people to build more trust, interpersonal skills, and communication to achieve five goals: 
  1. Growth
    1. Increasing 5% earning per share
    2. Acquiring other utility companies with different geographical territory
    3. The use of increased quantities of their service 
  2. Engagement of the Staff
  3. Business Acumen (Understanding Business and Industry)
  4. Excellence
  5. Leadership and Collaboration 


A management program and customer service program was conducted over six sessions. 


Top executives, middle managers, and the human resource department have all witnessed new behaviors that are aligned with the new corporate culture's five dimensions. 
This case study is still in progress. There are three groups that completed their program, four groups in the process, and one group will start at the beginning of next year. Hence, the business results are yet to be seen. 
There were around 60-70 innovation projects created by the graduates of the first three groups. Those projects are yet to be quantified with the rest of the project and will be implemented at a later stage of this case study.