Delta Dental of Arkansas

With roots going back to 1954, Delta Dental is the largest and oldest dental plan administrator in the country. 

Business Challenge 

Delta Dental of Arkansas is an organization rich in talent, but needed additional managerial skills. Many middle managers were not adequately prepared to fulfill all their day-to-day responsibilites and to resolve conflicts arising among their staffs, resulting in growing discontent and high turnover. 


Dale Carnegie Training recommended a two-phased traning approach - the Leadership Traning for Managers to improve leadership skills, and the Dale Carnegie Course to boost individuals' confidence and communication skills. The participants put theory into practice while developing business solutions to help improve Delta's operational efficiency and productivity. 


Dale Carnegie Training helped Delta Dental identify opportunities to meet its operational, productivity, and efficiency goals, reduce costs and improve its service capabilities. As workers grew in self-confidence, their productivity improved. Communication and collaboration, within different areas of the organization, also flourished. As a result, Delta Dental reached record performance in operations and discovered what it had in common within itself, the stronger and more unified it became.